Herb’n Maid


Responsibilities: Art Direction / Design / Logo / Illustration, done by Darren Brune Design
This project launched the start-up of a small green cleaning business. The choice of colors was simple. Green was
 a given and purple was a color my client had an affinity for. My main goal was to tie green to clean. I accomplished this through the mint leaf feather duster icon. Tying into the business model, the retro font face was chosen to evoke the feeling of back-to-basics cleaning, service with a smile and home-crafted cleaning products using the best green ingredients. The end-product was this simple, fun logo.


The letterhead and business cards were designed to look very simple while keeping the color blocking percentages represented appropriately.


To promote brand awareness of Herb’n Maid’s green cleaning service and products, this event banner was created.


This brochure has taken many faces through the concept stage, from a basic tri-fold, to a book, to a custom folded brochure. The final brochure is folded like a nice dinner napkin or towel, giving the feeling of something special,
and tying-in with the cleaning services provided by Herb’n Maid.


Extending Herb’n Maid’s look through the inside, we chose some photos that felt clean, slightly upscale, and most importantly, green. As I worked on this project I mainly tried to keep four main words in mind: green, clean, fresh,
and simple.


This Herb’n Maid car wrap was a bit of a challenge since the branded graphics also needed to work with the
pre-existing rally red color of the smart car. My client had some concerns using a vinyl wrap, so it was not an option. With the challenges aside, I wanted to keep this project fun but still identifiable with the brand.
I used some cut vinyl plant shapes to break up some of the red background on the front and back.
Most importantly, I placed the logo and website on very prominent areas of the car.


This project was a very fun challenge from a coding perspective. The challenge was to convert the existing homepage with a Flash banner, to a mobile friendly site. You may preview the site at herbnmaid.com


This project was very fun, even on our limited budget. I wanted the overall design to stay consistent across multiple formulas. To do this while also describing formula differentiation, I created simple icons using plant leaves that double as formula designators. The finished product maintains Herb’n Maid’s clean, fresh, simple, green feel, while the pop of purple allows the package to stand out on the shelf.