Brune Electric


Responsibilities: Art Direction / Design / Copywriting / Coding, done by Darren Brune Design
After 30+ years of relying only on printed promotion, Brune Electric went online in 2012. I am responsible for all components of this website including design, copy, photography and coding. This project was created for a family business to drive awareness of Brune Electric’s experience and vast service capabilities, and to reach younger customers. You may preview the site at

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To keep potential customers informed and to generate return visits, I integrated a wordpress blog, which is updated with new and old projects on a regular basis.

besite4 besite5 beletterhead

Brune Electric was not only without a website, but the company was also without branding. We decided to keep the already established logo despite my many attempts to convince otherwise. The overall design is consistent with the website, utilizing the two company colors, black and copper, and incorporating the challenging logo.