Pro Plan Pledge


Responsibilities: Art Direction / Design, done with CheckMark Communications
The Pro Plan Pledge campaign concept was co-developed with a copywriter to refresh the brand’s look and to promote an active approach to “giving back” through excellent pet care and superior pet nutrition.


As consumers are looking toward a fresh start in the New Year, the New Year’s newspaper wrap concept was designed to launch the new campaign and encourage consumers to take the “Pledge” to do more for their pet
that gives so much unconditionally.


Taking advantage of the overwhelming popularity of Yahoo at the time, the brand pursued this avenue with
an animated web banner ultimately driving consumers to the Pro Plan website for product information.


As a component of the Pledge concept we developed a storyboard for a TV commercial. The main goal was to illustrate an active way to give back to your pet. In this instance the pet owner pledged to keep playing until her dog gets tired.