Just For Fun • Lancito’s Pizzeria

Lancito’s Pizzeria is a small takeout and delivery startup specializing in fresh, unique pizzas, calzones, and salads. The restaurant has great energy, and I wanted to create some useful marketing materials to help generate buzz for this place. Its location is a little off the beaten path, but it’s poised to take off in a growing downtown arts district. To start, I wanted to develop a simple website, some merchandizing items, and spruce-up the menu a bit. Eventually, I will expand on the website to incorporate an online ordering section. At this point my thoughts for the online ordering visuals are a bit like a simple, illustrated smartphone game. Ideally, the customer can put their pizza together virtually in the “game environment.” When the customer is finished creating, the order can be submitted. Let the countdown begin! I’m also in the process of brainstorming other activities to keep the customer entertained while their pizza is being prepared. The webpage will also notify the customer when their order is ready for pickup or out for delivery. Yes, all of this did start with a modest menu spruce-up. I know it’s crazy, but I’m up to the challenge!

lancitoswebsite1 lancitoswebsite2 lancitoswebsite3 lancitoswebsite4 lancitoswebsite5lancitosmenupeel lancitossticker

Just For Fun • Southwest “Feel the Love” Logo

Lately I’ve been working on revamping an old Southwest logo. My idea was to update the logo, helping it become more visually relevant without losing its meaning and integrity. I also believe my interpretation of the logo has a stronger meaning versus the current logo iteration. Southwest is a well-established airline and everyone knows who and what they are, but I believe “we care” is missing or at least downplayed in their current marketing. In my updated logo, the upturned wings and “Love at First Flight” tagline evoke a friendly, personal connection with the passenger. I don’t think they need to scream it, but bringing back an old meaningful logo could be a nice move.


Just For Fun • Southwest “Feel the Love”

This project is a “just for fun” project. I thought this billboard treatment is a nice tie-in to the older Southwest heart and wings logo still in use. Southwest works hard to ensure customer satisfaction, but their current branding doesn’t necessarily reflect the personal connection and friendliness passengers encounter during their travel experience. My billboard communicates the bottom-line financial reasons many choose to fly Southwest, yet still evokes the friendliness found on Southwest flights. My next mission is to update the logo and use it prominently to help bring it back to its former glory.


Just For Fun • True Bru Brewery

Being a “just for fun project” I think my True Bru concept turned out nicely. True Bru is a play on my last name, with the purity element, “True,” helping communicate the quality of the crafted product. The logo being a bit tongue and cheek incorporates the tagline, “Dethroning the Monolithic Vision,” plainly illustrating the level of importance of the brewery’s core vision. Strategically, the logo also predetermines the brand to be a small boutique brew company, having the foresight to focus on making quality products vs. global domination. The line below each beer style, “Naturally, we use organic, expertly hand-crafted ingredients,” also simply calls back to the quality of ingredients used in the product. Check out all of the supporting pieces by clicking the link or image. Thanks!